Search through the vast expansion of Oro properties, spanning over two decades of assets in middle markets across the US.


Garden style walk-up housing with an assortment of unit types including 1 through 4 bedrooms as well as duplexes. Properties are predominately market rate with some subsidized housing elements featuring a variety of tenant-based amenities.


Commercial multi-story buildings in a variety of classes including Class A, B, and C. Properties vary from individual buildings multi-building complexes. On-site amenities are directed towards individual tenants and the actual office workers.


Commercial properties aimed at providing shopping based experiences and conveniences for tenant customers. Properties range from local strip centers to regional centers featuring multiple anchor tenants.


Commercial facilities focused around manufacturing and/or distribution of commercial goods, with minimal office component. Amenities are directed towards commercial use of the properties, while sizes vary significantly.


Commercial facilities featuring a combined blend of office as well as manufacturing and/or distribution components. Tenant spaces have varying sizes while the sites typically feature amenities focused on commercial use as well as actual worker needs.